About Susan

wp_20161214_14_29_51_pro-3Susan J. Morris is a fantasy author and editor. She is best known for her critically acclaimed writing advice column  over on Amazon’s Omnivoracious blog, and for her work editing Forgotten Realms novels (a shared world fantasy imprint at Wizards of the Coast ) and Monte Cook Games novels (shared world SFF). In her spare time, she’s published four books and designed Dungeons & Dragons for kids. She was delighted to be a 2012 Industry Insider Guest of Honor at Gen Con.

When not reading, editing, or writing, Susan enjoys drinking ungodly amounts of coffee, dancing, playing video games, and working on her German language skills. She lives in rainy Seattle with her wonderful husband in a beautiful, strange house filled with plants. She has one cat (Nox), but her favorite animal has always been the jellyfish, and she holds a special fondness for all the squiggliest creatures of the sea, like sea cucumbers.

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