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Monster Slayers: The Heroes of Hesiodheroes of hesiod

Here’s my foray into game design–a D&D game designed specifically for kids, and available for free on Wizards of the Coast’s web site! All you need are some six-sided dice, pencils, scissors, a printout of the PDF, four to six people, and half an hour. Oh! And, of course, it’s bring-your-own imagination. I’ve heard of kids as young as four playing it–and as young as six running it. Let me know what you think if you try it!


Monster Slayers: The Champions of the Elements

Champions of the Elements

Following in the footsteps of The Heroes of Hesiod, The Champions of the Elements is a new adventure that plays by the same rules and within the same framework, but with new monsters, a new story, new art, and a beautiful new map.  I hope you enjoy!

To hear more about it before you try, check out this interview I did with the RPG Gamer Dad Podcast!


FOR CONTINUING PLAY: Looking for a game system, so you can make your own games for kids? Check out No Thank You, Evil! by Monte Cook Games.


“If you have a mind to run a game similar to Lookouts at the table, either with players as children or with children playing children on an incredible adventure, you might take a crack at Monster Slayers.” —Penny Arcade

“Fast, fun, and playable by adventurers as young as six.” —The Escapist

“It’s never too early to teach your kids how to kill orcs.” —The Calgary Sun

“It is great to see Wizards of the Coast putting this type of material out there for free. May it inspire more parents to role the dice with their kids.” —Wired

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